About ABC/25

A Bit of  Our History:
Founded in 1991, the ABC/25 Foundation is a volunteer organization that together with District 25 Administrators and community members foster an educational environment filled with innovation, creativity, and excellence to make every family’s experience in District 25 as enriching as possible.  ABC/25 Foundation is the fund raising partner of Arlington Heights School District 25. We’ve worked with all 9 district schools to provide grants that enable teachers to utilize cutting edge resources and technology in the education of our students. Over the past 24 years, we have been able to raise and contribute over one million dollars to District 25 Schools to provide an educationally rich environment. We truly believe that by working together we can create “a better community” in which our students are best prepared for their future.
Our Foundation Today: 

Our foundation is made up entirely of volunteers who have a passion for the education of the children in the District 25 community. We use all yearly member contributions to benefit the students, relying solely on the selflessness of our volunteers and board members to run our organization.  Our board is made up of local parents, community members, and school leaders determined to serve the students in District 25. In order to raise the funds needed, we hold an annual membership drive and sponsor two large fundraising events throughout the school year.

The ABC/25 Annual Memberships remain the primary source of funding for our various grants. Although  our annual  fund raisers and Just Move It! Challenge event allow  us the ability to increase the number of grants that we can award to the teachers and schools in District 25.
The Annual Grants and Programs our Members and Local Community Support are:

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, or would like to have an active role in our foundation, please contact one of the board members listed here.

Our 2014- 2015 Board of Directors

President                            Krista Lewis                          krista.lewis76@gmail.com

Vice-President                   Kathi Diviak                          krdiviak@sbcglobal.net

Treasurer                           Barbara Morrison                b.k.morrison1@gmail.com

Secretary                            Doris Downing                       doris@uncbusiness.net

Director at Large               Kathi Diviak                           krdiviak@sbcglobal.net

Director at Large               Julie Birenbaum                    julester@comcast.net

Director at Large               Doris Downing                       doris@uncbusiness.net

Director at Large               Alicia Sather                           asather@d70schools.org

Director at Large               Joyce Stenzel                          jmstenzel@aol.com

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